MKX DG 150 Lock Up Noise

Finally prepping my 1963 Mk X for a 600 mile trip. It has the BG DG 150 transmission. When accelerating, I feel a shudder and a grinding noise in what I believe is the lock up converter engaging. I have already replaced the transmission mounts, engine mount and the center engine mount on the firewall. Does anyone else with this transmission experience this? Should I worry about it? The transmission does not appear to slip and if I ease on throttle at that point it seems to engage smoother, thanks in advance.

My '63 Mk2 has a DG 250, similar to yours. One of my workshop manuals deals the box. Here’s the diagnostic covering the direct drive. Paul


I had the same issue with my DG250 in my S-type.
I swapped out the torq converter as I had a spare.
The direct drive clutch is in the torq converter.
After that all was fine again.

Peter Jan

Mine did the same and it was the converter.

This is why she is now a 5 speed.