Mobeck Distributorless EFI Upgrade and More

Thank you Troy,
Greatly looking forward to seeing you back on line with more practical advice on the installation journey. I have already started unwrapping some of the electrical wiring to try and determine what the various circuits do, and if I can remove them without causing more problems.

I am currently struggling with rough idle issue on my 1988 HE and thought Ole’s modification would be a sensible option to trying to fix an outdated vacuum system, ignition system etc. He certainly makes a strong case for for bringing the car into the 21st century, not the least of which is better spark, less tubes, and reliability.

I have ordered a distributor - less system figuring I might as well go the whole hog: I had some distributor problems with my 1973 V12 Daimler, which involved the bushes in the shaft wearing and creating an eliptical rotation of the rotor, making reliable spark intermittent. Basically another moving part to eliminate.

Enjoy Easter.
Kind regards,

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Chris, how long between order and delivery for you? Ole put me on his list in January…. -John

@Bumnut1 I agree wholeheartedly on the rationale of using the kit vs maintaining the original systems. I want to spend my time driving and enjoying the car, not wondering if random vacuum solenoids are actually working, or if the distributor is advancing right. There’s more reason for it than that, but that alone is a big deal. And I think a lot of Jag V12 owners simply aren’t even aware of how out of adjustment their engine is really running. The previous owner of mine seemed unaware of how far out things were. It had effectively no advance function at all and ran with the timing retarded to somewhat make up for the idle valve being stuck open.

@John6 I ordered my kit on Feb. 8, 2023 and didn’t receive it until June 19, 2023. But Ole was very communicative and is working in small batches, so I get it. Still, I found myself wishing I had ordered earlier since I had planned on working on it in April and May to get it ready for summer. Of course I ended up going over the top with other stuff along the way anyway, so that timing was probably optimistic from the start.


Good morning John,
To be honest unsure. Ole is very much a cottage industry, and as he is constantly racing and developing the kits from his racing experience the production line may be interrupted In my Defence experience of these types of businesses things are produced when they are ready, not to a schedule larger companies would deliver to. I am currently number 84 on his build schedule, did you get a number? Kind regards, Chris

I don’t know my number. I do know the money is burning a hole in my pocket! When you have unspent money in the car budget and 20 cars demanding attention… the mind wanders.

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Too true! There are other optons I have seen when determining how to do a coil over conversion: in particular the Facebook page for the XJ-S. I asked the forum the question, and there are at least three options. However, Ole’s is the only truly ‘plug and play’ system the rest require quite a lot of auto electrical skills. Having said that Troy’s experience would suggest that even Ole’s kit needs quite a bit of Jaguar systems knowledge. I’m hoping to contribute to his journey whilst doing my own modification. My advice is hang in there the wait will be worth it.
Kind regards, Chris