[modern] 1988-89 XJ40 Brake Pad Wear Sensor Connectors

“Newbold, Randy” wrote:


My wife’s Jag pads came with female connectors on the rears and fronts. This
drove me nuts at NAPA as they listed both, but being good guys, they ordered
both and I took the female connectorized version.

Here’s a little input on the '88-89 brake sensors.

Some references will show a serial number split on these, but our
experience is that you have to check what’s on the car, as the
references don’t hold true every time. We term the two sensor types as
“square” and “round,” although the male and female terms are also used.

The round sensors seem to be mostly used in 1988, the square sensors in
1988-89. Based on sales figures, the square sensors are about 6-7 times
more common than the round ones. So if you have to guess, guess with the
square ones.

I’ve placed pictures of both types of sensors on a back page on our
website. To see them, go to:


Don’t forget that if you get pads with the wrong sensors, you can simply
cut the sensors and wires off the old pads and butt-connect them to the
wires on the new pads if necessary.

Hope this is useful to someone!

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