[modern] 2003 XJ8

Just saw a small blurb about the 2003 XJ8 in, I think, the August Car &
Driver. This is the X350 right? It talks about Jaguar taking an evolutionary
approach to the redesign of the XJ series. Similar in look, it will be
longer, wider, taller and more powerful. The front wheels have been pushed
forward making the wheelbase longer. Being taller there will be more
headroom. Good for me, I have to recline the drivers seat quite a bit to fit
now. Extensive use of aluminum is expected to reduce weight by 400 lbs. The
engine may grow to 4.3 litres and the supercharged XJR is expected to get to
400 bhp. This from their spies. There was a picture (light green) as well.–
Mark Zetts
'93 Diamond Blue XJ40
97K mi. Raleigh, N.C.