[modern] Another cat

O.K. we are nuts at home.
A while ago, after my father visited Germany and saw a jag specialists where
I now live, the idea of buying a 3,6 XJ-S came though our minds. My
brother, a great fun of the XJ-S has helped my convince the older generation
(read paying generation).

So this afternoon I’m going to try to get an agreement in the price of the
XJ-S. It is a black cabriolet, 1987, uncatalysed and witha five speed
manual. First thing I’ll do is put the rear storage boxes in the boot and
get the rear sits, I know they are simply bolt on items.

A third, even a small fourth person can travel now quite comfortably with
the seats full forward (convinced the sales man to let me try it, and YES we
are smaller the spanish), but that is not necessarily very safe. So the shop
where I’m buying the cat will do the conversion provided I give them the
seats (identical floorpans with the coupe). A breakers yard in England has
given me a price of 80-100UKP for the rear and 200UKP for the full set.

In case you have one of these tell me, please.

So why am I saying all this in the modern list: Because the XJ-S list is
about V12 and nobody there knows much about the sixes, I was also politely
driven to this list by the XJ-S introduction guide, since I do not want to
buy an early V12 XJ-S…

Lluis and family.

87 Sov. XJ40
61 Mk1 M.G. Midget.
2 1943 Jeep M.B.
1 Opel Ascona

Soon to come (I hope):

1987 3,6 XJ-S. Manual, Black/Black, uncatalysed…______________________________________________________
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