[modern] Anyone in Kansas City area?

Bonjour ou bonsoir all!

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything to the list, but I’ve been
reading the Digest faithfully and storing useful information (that I hope I
do not need) :wink: My VDP is carrying me around in an awesome fashion! No
problems since I bought my babee last September (except the throttle pot
issue covered under by 90-day warranty)! BUT…

I am wondering if there is anyone in the Kansas City area on the list and if
they have a name of a mechanic. I really don’t want to use the dealer for my
spring checkup :smiley: and I just haven’t found time to try and do anything on my
cat yet (I’m really quite intimidated even though I’ve “worked” on other cars
before). I’ve only driven about 2,500 miles since Sept so I don’t think I
need anything major at this time. This is just for future reference.

Any Kansas Citians care to give me some names? I see far too many Jags (well
not as many as Hondas, that’s for sure LOL) on Southwest Trafficway for
someone not to be on this list.


93 XJ6 Vanden Plas 49,500 miles
“Madeira Wilde” babee :wink: