[modern] Bad wheel stud

Hello all Jaguar lovers!
Coming home last nite from back to school nite, I heard a grinding
noise when letting off the gas and coasting at low speeds.
Today, I jacked up the car and removed the right rear wheel
(just a guess). I turned the wheel and heard a light grinding, and
fooled around with the backing plate, but always had some grinding.
Off came the caliper, then the disk/drum, and i found a chunk of metal
inside the drum. On close inspection, I found one stud half ripped
out of the hub.
I always use a torque wrench, yet it still pulled out, and chunks
came off it.
Jaguar used a screw in stud, then peened over the head…not a strong

I went to pep boys and found a replacement stud…these have
a mushroom head, and a knurl spot where it passes through the hub.
I drilled out the hole, and pulled the new stud in with some washers
and a lug nut, after removing one emergency brake shoe.

The part number of the stud that works best is …
Wheel tite #28250

Knurl dia. .530 inch
Shoulder length 3/4 inch
Over all length 1 and 13/16ths inch

Costs about $2.00.
No more grinding…

1990 XJ6