[modern] Brake Dust Shields/Warranty/Oil Changes

I also received a copy of the Jaguar Owner magazine. In the current
issue, which is probably oriented toward the more recent models, is a
Q&A section, authored by Gary Temple, Jag’s National Service manager. A
few points were made that should be of interest:

  1. Only authorized Jag dealers may perform warranty work, except under
    emergency situations when no Jag dealer is available.
  2. Jag engines are designed to run 10,000 miles between oil changes.
  3. Brake dust shields cannot be installed on Current Models due to
    clearance and are not available.
  4. The following models have theft deterrent radios, and will require
    re-programming if the power falls below 5 Volts: 86-87 Series III, 86 to
    94 XJS, and 91-94 XJ Sedans.

The publication also includes an owners survey card. It may be mailed
or faxed, or responded via E-Mail. If interested, the E-Mail address
is… www.jaguar.com/us/ownersurvey … You will find the
survey very marketing oriented.

Regards/ Doug B.