[modern] Carquest fuel pump gone forever

Hi to all. I’ve been off list but got back on to let you know the results of
my fuel pump saga. I got the Bosch pump from GAPA last friday and since we
had a road trip planned I thought I’d fix the Jag so we could take it. To be
brief I put in a new Bosch filter and the pump on saturday. Did not have
time to check inside the tank for the return line security or to check the
charcoal cannister but the pump ran with nearly no noise at all. Far
different from the Carquest pumps. I did take that one back and got my
refund but the owner was upset that I didn’t buy the Bosch from him (at $50
more than GAPA and who’s to say it would be the right one?)
We left Arizona on sunday for LA, back home monday night, then a one day
round trip to Albequerque on tuesday for a total of about 1600 miles in
three days. When back home the pump was still very quiet so hopefully this
saga that started last October with a little preventative maintenance is now
over. Many thanks to those who gave me advice. My advice is still stay away
from the Carquest pumps.

Dave Clark
88 Sov now 100,800 miles but still looking great