[modern] Center console removal

Thanks for your response. Evidently your manual, like the Haynes manual,
does not consider the presence of the rear part (extension?) of the center
console on the VDP model. The aft end of the front part terminates just aft
of the front seat backs. The forward end of the rear console piece slightly
overlaps the aft end of the front part, preventing “moving the console
rearward” without first removing the rear (separate) part of the center
console as installed on my 1990 VDP. It is the rear piece that I have been
unable to remove. I have found no “screws”, “clips” or any other evidence
as to how it is attached. Like I have mentioned, it is not addressed in the
Haynes manual. I spent most of yesterday afternoon at the local trade
school searching their computerized info to no avail. I had hoped that the
“Genuine Jaguar Factory Manual” would contain instructions for removing the
VDP rear piece so that the front part of the console could be removed. BTW,
there are no “trans hump quarter turn screws” on my car. The console seems
to be just a snug fit in that area with no screws, clips, or anything else
holding it in place.
Thanks, but I still need to know how to get the console out!
Everett Turner
90 VDP