[modern] door speakers

I have also thinking about upgrading my radio in my 90. How do the door
speakers come out? Do I need to pull the door panels?
Roger Hajny

Roger, you need to pull the panels. The speakers are wired with clips that
must be removed. Then you must unscrew the speakers. Enrique


Yes, you’ll need to pull the door panels, as the door speaker grills are moulded
into the panel. Haynes has a pretty good illustration of how to take the door
panel off. FYI if you don’t have a manual:

  • Lower the window. Start removing the trim by prying the little black plastic
    “clip” under the handle, and removing the small screw that holds the handle
    surround in place. Then slide the walnut trim piece - gently - towards the front
    of the car. Next, remove the lower door light plastic surround - you need to be
    careful here as well - it’s a bugger to slide out, and you need to apply a good
    deal of “down and out” pressure to remove it and not break it. Gently Pry out
    the cover just under the door “pull” - That slides “up and in”. Remove the
    phillips screws holding the door panel in - I believe there are 2 or 3 across
    the “top” plastic piece where the wood trim fits in, (1) beneath the “pull”,
    and (1) beneath the door marker light. For the front doors, remove the rubber
    boot covering the door vent opening, then remove the phillips screw. You’ll need
    to slide the plastic “top” piece over the door lock. Remove 1 or 2 more
    phillips screws from the door panel, and pry the door panel itself from it’s
    position. Start towards the rear of the car. Apply slight outward pressure so
    that you can see where the trim pegs are located. If you have a trim removal
    tool it will help, otherwise, place a prying tool on either side of each peg,
    and as close as possible to each peg when prying outward. There are 6 or 7 pegs
    holding the panel in place. Disconnect the electrical stuff to free up the
    panel, and go to town replacing the speakers. FYI - I tacked a wide strip of
    extra headliner material across the foam moulded panel over the back of the
    speaker to get a little better low end out of those speakers - They don’t sound
    as “canny” with the material fitted.

Enjoy !

'88 XJ40 51K and change