[modern] Failure 4 - It's back!

Howdy folks !

Well, one plus week of sanity is all that I could muster… Missuz S. just
called to let me know that my Fuel Failure 4 has returned. She let me know that
the warning appeared, and shortly after the car hesitated when she was trying to
accelerate from a stop. It only “sputtered” once, and operated normally for the
rest of her drive (only about 10 miles).

Recap - New Fuel Filter, Air Filter, MAF Sensor, Throttle Pot, and Spark Plugs.
Checked the throttle plate gap. Adjusted the throttle pot voltage to .36,
Adjusted the idle to 600 RPM warm whilst in drive, 700 in park, after winding
the ICS.

I feel as if I’m chasing my tail… My next step I guess is to check the
fuel pressure regulator, although I’m not sure what I’m looking for here…
Maybe someone can help out there. And a Question - I changed out my Fuel
Filter as a part of regular maintenance a month or so after I purchased the
vehicle, and a few weeks before the warning occurred. I’ve been counting it as
part of the “solutions” to my problem - But can a new fuel filter modify the
pressure that the pressure regulator regulates ??

Thanks !!

'88 XJ40 48K