[modern] Follow-Up to My Mysterious Alarm Problem

I posted earlier this week a problem with my factory alarm system in
my 1994 XJ12. After replacing the battery, my alarm system, when
armed, would sporadically go off for no reason at all. This has prevented
me from using the system and I’ve had to keep it switched off using
the center console switch.

After checking around with a few mechanics and such, I’ve discovered that
the factory alarm will never work properly after having the battery
unless you reprogram the system. The programming sequence is not disclosed
owners and does not appear in your manuals. You usually have to go to a
to have this done. They typically won’t charge for this (if you’re nice)
we all know how difficult it can be to get to a dealer and would rather do

For the record, the programming sequence for new remotes or reprogramming
is as follows:

  1. Turn the key ignition OFF.
  2. Turn the center console Security switch ON.
  3. Make sure the alarm is DISARMED.
  4. Turn the key ignition to position 1.
  5. Turn the center console Security switch to OFF.
  6. Turn the key ignition OFF.
  7. Cycle the center console Security switch to ON then OFF four times.
  8. The alarm will begin emitting a periodic chirp. This tells you it
    is waiting for signals from your remotes.
  9. Press the remote button once. The system expects four remotes to be
    activated. If you have more than one remote, you must press the button
    on each once. You cannot do this programming without all remotes
    If you have less than four, then press the same remote button multiple
    until you have pressed a total of four buttons.

Disclaimer: I just got off the phone with a mechanic who read this out of a
service manual for me. I have heard from others that the total number of
required may in fact be five, not four. If this is the case, then adjust
step 9

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