[modern] funky gauges/john and mary rolfe

brett/dave: funky gauges disappeared. it looks as if i just had to build
back a charge with a couple of days of driving. all is fine now. but, at
the first sign of trouble turning over on a cold morning, this cat’s
interstate is going down the interstate for a new one.

Off list comment: john and mary rolfe were in town this week for a
convention/vacation. they invited me to join them for dinner at a
delightful spanish restaurant across the street from my old stomping
grounds, the national press club. valet parking took care of the cat and
we had a delightful 2 1/2 hour dinner of the most exquisite tapas and
assorted other delights. We stepped out, I lit my cigar and the valet
appeared in a few minutes with my dreadnaught. after some much
appreciated ooohing and aahhing, me, the dreadnaught and my cigar
(windows wide open and the blowers going) cruised back home with some
aging rocker named jagger saying he was “pleased to meet you, hope you
guessed my name” exiting the windows with the smoke. The Rolfes are
delightful people. We had a dinner conversation that ranged from the
obligatory Jag talk to airplanes that have almost killed us to politics,
economic policy, who the next president will be, and Third World places
we know and love, not to mention Spain. If any lister has the
opportunity to visit with them, it’s an entertaining evening. They are
delightful folks.

Eliot Brenner
Annandale, Va.
89 XJ40 at 50,300