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Hello everyone, it is me, again. I am the one that recently purchased the
88 xj6 that is totally in the dark about these cars. Anyway, I did get
blowers out from under the dash and they were filled with water and the
motors were completely rusted so that is where that ordeal stands at this
point. I did find used replacements, that work, 60 miles south of
for $35 ea. so that is the good part.
Before I put the replacements in I want to make sure that I have the
problem that caused these to drown all worked out. I puttering and
the tires and wheels I noticed some drain tubing in both of the front
wells. The passenger (right) side has one tube coming out and the driver
(left) side has two tubes coming out??? I ran a coat hanger up all of
but nothing but a little dust came out. They seemed to be free of any
debri. I have read some posts where people have talked about hoses coming
down on each side of the transmission??? Do I still need to crawl under
and find those drain tubes or are the ones coming out of my wheel wells
taking the place of those. Hopefully some one will know the answer to
Now onto further problems. Last week I had mentioned that my windows
quit working… but the next day they started back up again, magically.
Well, they have quit working again and I don’t think they are going to
magically start working on their own this time. I have read posts about
some celenoids and relays on the passenger (right) side, down lower to the
right of the fuse panel??? I read that two of them separately control each
side of the care, with the sunroof being added onto one of them and that
third one controls all the windows. But the one that controls all the
windows, does it also control the sunroof??? My sunroof is working
wonderfully, thank God! It is getting hot in Tennessee and without my A/C
blowers… well, the sunroof is my only way of getting moving air. But
regardless of these celenoids and relays for the windows, I can’t find
them!!! I have taken off the kick panel and the panel that is below the
glove box and I can’t see anything that looks like the picture I printed
about hidden fuses and that sort of thing. Can anyone re-assure me of
these are located and what I might find on them that would let me know for
sure that I am looking at the right thing. I hope someone can help me out
here. I do appreciate the help that has been given and offered. Thank
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