[modern] Good news you might not believe


Y’all ain’t EVEN gonna believe this. My central locking issue has been
solved, very serendipitously. I went to check my gas cap, and while I had
the gas cap open, I locked the driver’s door, causing the gas cap lock to
engage again. So, I unlocked the driver’s door and pushed the gas cap lock
back into unlocked position. When I locked the driver’s door again, the
entire system began working! With the driver’s door being so stiff and the
passenger’s side doing nothing, I had no idea the gas cap lock was causing
the problem. Further, the boot and gas cap would activate with the driver’s
door lock. Very strange, but I am not going to complain. You can’t imagine
how much more usable your car is for hauling the family until you have this


'89 Bronze VDP, 89K mi and WORKING central locking!

As we Aggies (students and former students of Texas A&M University) say,