[modern] Headlight replacement

Need to bounce this around since I have a lot of respect for all of you on
the list.
I found a cracked headlight late summer. Jaguar wants $134.00 or so for 1
headlight. This is the 4 round headlight system. I have purchased from JC
Whitney some H4 round headlights with leaded glass. The problem arises of
what to do about the parking lights in the bottom of the 2 outside
headlights. I could bury them inside the body work but this is too crude for
my way of doing things. I wonder if I can run a diode and resistor from this
bulb to the lower main filament. Purpose being to prevent feed back and also
to illuminate this filament at a diminished rate to mimick the parking light
and keep the BFM from seeing a fault. Thanks.

George Wroclawski
95 X300 Hoover, Alabama