[modern] instrument cluster

Instrument cluster is very easy and quick to remove.You have to re-
move knee bolster,the panel below instrument cluster.It is enough
to get access to four screws which holds the instr.cluster.Then there
is four electrical plugs.Disconnect those plugs and remove the cluster
and you are done!When you have the cluster in your table viewing aft
remove white plastic cover with small screwdriver(to release small
plastc tabs).When i first time opened the cover i noticed seal from
factory so i was first person to open that since factory,and i was
smiling when i saw tapes in the harness saying tested ok!Inside the
cluster there is rh-side brown coloured pcb which gave me problem
last time,especially big transformer.I recommend those joints.Rest
of the pcbs are blue coloured.Again it is recommended to re-solder
connector points and generally vierd looking points.
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I decided to go good year ultra grip 500 instead of Nokian