[modern] Interior Light Switch Fix - and a small remaining problem

Hi All

When I got my 1990 XJ6 the previous owner told me the dealer had fixed the
interior light switches so that the lights came on with all but one door. I
traced the “fix” to cut wires that effectively disconnected the switch, when
connected none of the lights worked. I repaired the cut wires and
disconnected the switch at the connector in the door till I could get a new

The dealer wanted about $200 for the replacement door latch as you can’t buy
the switch on it’s own but thanks to the list I got a replacement latch from
a fellow lister and some good advice that you can sometimes remove and clean
the switch to solve the problem.

Unfortunately the latch design changed with the improved handles in 1990 so
I decided to replace just the switch. It turns out this is the easiest way
to go as you can leave most of those tricky actuating levers in place and
still remove the switch. I won’t describe the whole process but you have to
remove the door glass frame and the latch securing bolts and then twist it
far enough to get a screwdriver to the switch. I put everything back
together and now the lights work just fine. However the dash light that
shows a door open still ignores this door. It seems this is on a seperate
circuit that is not in my Haynes manual. Can anyone with the “real” manuals
give me any more information on this circuit such as the color of the
wire(wires?)? whether it’s normally open or closed? The car is a later 1990

For anyone else with the same problem the switch looks to be extremely
replaceable, it’s just one of those lever actuated microswitches attached to
a couple of diodes on a small pcb. The switch is labelled N.30833 and 8927,
I can send a scan if anyone’s interested in trying to identify a


1990 XJ6

P.S. If anyone wants a 1988 RH rear door latch with no switch let me know.