[modern] Missing symbols....cured!

Today we taked instrument cluster again under investigation.We
taked a better look on power supply pcb as John Tarrant told.There
was a bad soldering on transformer joint!We re-soldered almost
every joint on that pcb and some connector points on the pcb under
power supply pcb.Installed instr.cluster back and initial test drive
satis.Later test run also with out remarks.The problem seems to be
cured.Again this list/archives are excellent source of information.
Total bill amount of money:zero!(soldering machine and iron loaned
from work)Now everything works as it is mentioned even bulb fail
illumination because of l/h driving filament u/s.

XJ40 Sovereign 3.6 -89 MANX 158800km

Glad to see that you have a fully functioning Instrument Pod again. Credit
for the information which helped fix the problem should go to the compiler
of the On Line Service Manual, in which I recall reading about it in the
first place.

Kind Regards,

John Tarrant.