[modern] Mr Immature goes on spring break/ Land-Rover


Last week was that time of the year again… the Jag Myself and my
friends headed down to Panama City Beach, FL to act like fools on spring
break. The Jaguar performed flawlessly… even with very high speed
driving and loaded down with people luggage and a lot of beer… it still
got right around 21mpg on the way down.

And yeah… it did turn more than a few heads down there >:) It did its’

By the way… thought there was a listmember who was from Panama City
Beach… was that your 91 Black VDP parked in front of Joey’s on the
strip? Nice club BTW… was in there couple of times.

That was one of 2 other Jags that I saw that were local to the area…
also saw a late 80s XJ-S Coupe with Bay County plates. Also, there was
someone else down there with an Emerald Green 99 VDP, but it was his
father’s. Nice dad, eh?

Last year for Spring Break for me… Im 2 years out of college and too
old for this I guess… was a hell of a time tho! And, as we found out
last year… you still can’t fit a half-barrel in the trunk of an X300.
XJ40 yes… X300 no.

And about ford buying Land-Rover… Thank god. If they can save Jaguar,
then they can save Rover too. Much as I love Rovers (Ive been driving
one the past few days… an old 88 RR that we have in inventory at work
and I love it… even if it uses more fuel than a small airplane) they
arent exactly the most reliable things in the world. In fact I have
never seen one without at least something wrong with it.

But they are the Jaguars of SUVs… and about the only SUVs that I

95 VDP 107.5K
88 Range Rover 102K