[modern] My New "S" 4.0 - Problem

I just posted the following on the Jaguar Aficionado Group
Message Board at http://www.markofwestminster.com/signup.html
Anyone experience similar water leakage?

Here in New York overnight and this morning we have had some
fierce thunder and rain storms. The good news is that they
managed to clean off some bird droppings from earlier in the

The bad news is that on my very first right-hand turn, a small
waterfall started dripping on my right leg and on the center
console just to the left of the shift knob.

To my chagrin, when I looked up at the light cluster that is just
ahead of the sunroof, I noticed water dripping from the left hand,
front corner of the left hand light.

Just about every right hand turn brought the mini waterfall to
life. I checked the sunroof and it had been closed.

Having had the two stalling episodes two mornings ago, I felt that
maybe it was time to visit my dealer. It is there right now.

For those of you wishing to compare notes. It is a 4.0 with 1400
miles and a VIN number in the 51,000s.

I know several of you are stuck in this same weather pattern now,
and I was curious to know if you have seen any water leakage at all.

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