[modern] New 1997 XJ Executive


I’ve gone and done it - I’ve bought a 1997 Saphire Blue 3.2 XJ Executive.
It’s one of the last ones produced before the XJ8s landed on the scene.

It’s done 86000 miles and carries a full Jag service history with a detailed
breakdown of what’s been replaced on it. The only things I need to address
is a parking dent in the chrome on the rear bumper (a common prob on these
cars, later revised on the XJ8 and I want to put my 16" Dimples on it from
the XJ40, as mine are newer looking.)

The car drives beautifully and smooth. The inside looks barely used.

I pick the car up in a week.

What to do with the XJ40 then??!?! It really is worthless as a trade in and
is worth much more to me as a car. It drives so well though but areas of
the body work let it down. I’ll keep it until I decide.

Oh well.

Kind Regards
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