[modern] New XJ40 Owner

Hello Everyone
My name is Lowell Gilbert and new to the Modern list.
I have a rust free 71 Series 1 XJ6 from AZ and just
recently purchased last week a 94 XJ6 in showroom
condition with 44k miles on her. I have many questions
about the car that the Haynes manual doesn’t address,
the one that I’m seeking now is how do you remove the
threshold plate without damaging it. It
appears that the plate that has the Jaguar logo is
glued down covering the screws? The reason I have to
get the plate off is that the door seal came off there
and I have to remove the plate to re-attach the seal
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Lowell 1971XJ6/1994XJ6

Lowell. The tread plate has plastic pieces on each end these push out, the
plate has a magnetic strip under it, pull up the plate and there are the
three Phillips screws, if its been glued then you might have a hellava time
mate Glenn 89 VDP