[modern] New York, Washington, et al. Off Topic

Gents, a message to the listers in the USA.

I listened and watched with horror as the dreadful events unfolded this
afternoon (UK time). What happened was an assault on thinking, caring people
everywhere on this tiny planet. The targets were soft, undefended, wide
open. The weapons were aircraft full of totally innocent people going about
their everyday business.

The perpetrators of these unspeakably vile incidents are not acting on
reasons based on religion, not based on nationality, they are born of a
of people with nothing but destructive hatred in their hearts, hatred of
what? They have destroyed one of the greatest symbols of peace on this
Earth, the World Trade Centre where all nations traded, all nationalities of
people worked, people of all religions came together in peaceful trade.
have caused the death of countless hundreds, thousands maybe, of Fathers,
Brothers, Mothers, Sisters who were living and working in a complete and
stable harmony.

Now is a time for the World to bring forward great Statesmen, not to speak
revenge or retribution, but to come together in a common approach against
sources of all such evil, and work together to ensure that the 10th
2001 is the day that the world actually united against the terrible evils
that grow from within.

My heart is torn apart in grief for those people and families who will be
affected by these events, they had no defence, no warning, no chance. These
targets weren’t bravely fought over, the attacks weren’t warriors fighting
oppressor for their lives, the targets were easy, open, innocent and
to everyone. There is no reason, no justification, no-one has gained from
this, just the gratification of the hatred in someones heart somewhere on
this planet. Hatred for peace? Hatred for Trade? Hatred for Civilsation
perhaps. We can only hope that they will be found and the reasons for all
this exposed and understood so that future generations may grow up in
security, freedom and peace.

These events, though on another continent, were attacks on all of us.

Sorry for the off topic stuff.

Chris Dupres
'74 Jensen Healey
'88 Jaguar Sovereign

As an Australian, I am shocked at this attack on the people of the USA. I am
not a racist, my politics are probably left of centre and I have no
religious persuasion but most of all I am a human being. I grieved when
seeing a recent report of the terror inflicted on Afghan people by their own
regime, and I grieve now for the thousands of innocent people murdered in
New York and Washington and elsewhere in the US apparently in the name of

Why do people, fanatics to whatever cause, religious or political, feel they
have the right to kill or maim other human beings in order to further their
own bizarre cause? The only thing they really promote is hatred and anger.

My thoughts are with those of you who have lost loved ones and friends in
this appalling attack.

88 XJ6