[modern] Oil around spark plugs


Whilst doing some routine checks on my 93 XJ40 4.0, I noticed that there is
approximately 1 inch of oil sitting around the spark plug where the spark
plug lead connects to the spark plug in cylinders 4 and 6. I presume this
is not normal.

Could anyone tell me what could be the problem?


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It looks like a blown/damaged O-rings in your cam-cover.
When you takeoff camcover there are O-rings where the holes for the
sparkplugs are.
Those are for 99% sure damaged.
It’s not so expensive to fix, you can get them at almost every repairshop
for around 2-3 DM. (for a total set of six).
My best advise is to take them out, and go to a garage where they repair
truck’s or farm vehicle’s.
They have them for sure.



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