Modern Oil Pressure Sender for XK engine

Looking for a modern Oil Pressure Sender that could be easily adapted for the XK engine.

I am converting my SII XJ6 to EFI, and would like to be able to send oil pressure (and maybe oil temp) to the ECU. This would alos allow me to view the information on a laptop or tablet. Has anyone had any experience with this? I intend to use all the legacy senders and switches to work the Smith’s gauge and Oil light, I just want something that an ECU would read, and if someone has already done this maybe you’ve already figured out the thread adaption issues (which has been the thorn in my side this entire build!!!).

So in summary, I understand that there are many 0-100 PSI pressure senders out there, but if anyone has done this and knows what works, or knows what adapters to use to make it work, that is the insight that I am seeking. Thanks for the help!

I think you need to read the thread on Ray Livingstones gauges, that could well be a starting point for you he’s on the E type forum.

@Ray_Livingston will have all the info you need.