[modern] P3000 or P8000?

Hi all,

It has been a long time since I’ve posted to the list, due mostly to the
1990 XJ40 being pickled for the past two years. But she’s back in use
(while there’s no salt on the roads) and I’ve gotta buy some new tires.

I’ve been thru the archives and there are a couple of tires mentioned there
that are available to me right now. (We’re talking very rural)

If anyone is running Pirelli P8000, Pirelli P6000, or Michelin Symmetry, I
would like some feedback from you regarding your likes/dislikes of these
particular tires. For the benefit of those listers who are sick and tired
of reading about tires, please feel free to write me directly. :slight_smile:

Thanks! and best regards,

Jim Beckmeyer
60 MK II
90 Sov