[modern] Plastic Cover under Bumper (X300) the fix

Hello Chums,
A few weeks ago someone posted a question on repairing the
plastic Cover that attaches under the front end of the X300 to the

Well, mine was split in half, and no matter how many times I pushed it
up under the Bumper it would come loose and hang down slightly…most

Anyway, I went out and fixed it today with some 3M Double sided tape, I
pulled the cover out from under the Bumper applied tape along the whole
edge where it attaches to the Bumper itself and pressed the two parts
together…I noticed while I was under there I had it mis-alligned by a
few mm, so I tried to pull it apart again, no luck!! It’s firmly stuck
in position now…but it’ll only be noticeable on the rack, if at


3M make several types of double sided tape, this one is 3M VHB, only use
it if you really want to struggle to seperate something…it’s VERY

Peter, CA
97 XJR.