[modern] RE: Another Lurker Revealed


Hard as it might be to believe, many collectible cars are destroyed right in
the owner’s garage. The usual manner is by fire. Combustibles such as
paint and gasoline are stored right next to the “baby”. Other less
devastating accidents occur with bicycles and floor jack hammers. I, too,
am wondering what the Destroyer was in this case.


2001 XJR>Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2002 14:49:04 -0700

From: “Mark Boileau” mark.boileau@windriver.com
Subject: RE: [modern] Another Lurker Revealed

“my brother totalled it in the garage”??? There’s a story there,
I’m sure. Engineer mentality is kicking in and I’m trying to figure
out how he defied the laws of physics and was able to do this…

This 93 is my fourth adventure with a Jaguar. My first was low
mile S1 XJ6 in the mid-seventies; the next one was a low mile S3
E-Type 4 speed OTS in the late seventies (my brother totaled it
in the garage)