[modern] RE: doorlight


the switch-unit is in the door lock.
it is a real pain to get this lock out, but I managed to fix the switch by
undoing the torx-screws that hold the lock-unit and the bar from the outer
door handle.
You should be able to move the lock in such a way that you can access the
switch-unit trough the hole where the lock-pin at het pillar snaps into the
by undoing the two phillips-srews you can remove the switch-unit form the
You will probably find that the soldering one of the wires got loose (all
these jaguar soldering problems cause us a lot of trouble, don’t they?).
You will need some patience for this job, but it’s better than dismantling a
complete door-interior to get the lock-unit out.
BUT!!! Before you do this, make sure that the problem is actually in the
switch! If Haynes is right in the electric scheme of the interior ligts, the
switch gets ground troug the bulb of the corresponding red door-light,
meaning that, if the bulb is broken, the switch cannot activate the other
ligts, so check this first.
Then you can check the switch by measuring at the corresponding connector in
the door, you will find the right one by following the wire that comes from
the lock.
If the switch and the bulb are OK, your problem may be in the wiring-harness
between the door and the pillar.

Good luck!

Bas Jamar
1989 3,6 Daimler (Vandenplas)

Hello everyone from downunder.
I have a small problem in that the interior light does not come on when the
passenger door is opened. I can’t find the switch that activates the light.
Is it in the door hinge or door lock or elsewhere? Thanks in anticapition
of>your assistance, I find this newsgroup very informative.

dan XJ40 3.6