[modern] Re: Fuel Fail 44 and MAF and vacuum

Alan: I think you may be hunting down the wrong grounds.

Check the MAF grounds (MAF connector off) to the firewall grounds.
You need a near zero reading here. If you have any resistance at all,
the ECU will cycle between default/control and will sporadically display
an FF code. Wiggle the MAF wires and see if the resistance changes.

There are several ground wire splices between the many sensors and
the ECU ground. I had two or three that would show a resistance across.
Many months of FF23 and FF44!

Richard Drozdowski
1992 XJS-4.0L - FF Free for now.Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2001 00:33:54 +0700
From: “Alan Heartfield” agh@ieee.org
Subject: [modern] Fuel Fail 44 and MAF and vacuum

I agree that 100 ohms seems like a lot in the ground circuit, but I
suspect it is not unusual. It probably also isn’t all that
significant. We are used to worrying about grounds because with only
12volts driving items like relays and lamps that have a resistance
that is 100 ohms or less themselves, any additional resistance in the
ground circuit is a bad thing.