[modern] Re: gear selector surround removal (was New name! Stereo grief....)


Tim Sheehan and I had to use force to remove mine, after trying to use
credit cards, small eyeglass screwdrivers, and much scratching of heads.
Tim’s came off easy on his '95 and suggests it could have been removed in
the past. It took Tim and I half an hour before he grabbed it and kept
prying up from the front right corner. If you use a finger, you can pull
the tab from the rear/underneath and lift up enough so it doesn’t click back
into place.

With a grunt Tim got my surround off in about 10 seconds and to our
surprise, none of the plastic tabs were broken or cracked. In fact, it
snapped back into place only too well.

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Phil & Jeb:

One (not so) minor detail omitted in this procedure for removing the

OPen the console glove box & remove the 2 screws holding the ashtray.

sure it is closed & lift the back of it & pull it back & out. Remove the
plastic wingnuts holding the ski slope & lift the studs out of the holes

pull the slope back & out. Remove the six screws around the radio/ac


You have to remove the gear selector surround which on my '94 is held down
by the chromed plastic bezel that snaps into place with three tabs, one at
the rear center and one on each side towards the front. The preferred
approach for removing this without damage (wish I’d had better knowledge
before tearing into/up mine) is no doubt in the archives.

Mike Stone
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