[modern] Re: Hydraulic Self Level Pump Removal


Don’t worry about sealing the blanking plate - there ain’t
no oil in there to leak. [Or at least, there shouldn’t be!]
Once you’ve removed the pump and drive dog, there is no
obstruction to fitting the plate. YOU DO NOT NEED TO UNBOLT

I managed to remove mine without moving the fan or it’s
shroud. It was a bit of a struggle to squeeze it past the
coolant hose but judicious brute force prevailed. Presumably
you are removing the Girling valve and it’s associated hoses
at the same time and fitting the single replacement hose
from the reservoir to the Power Steering pump? Don’t forget
to blank off the vacant hydraulic pump-to-reservoir return
pipe too.

Bryan N
'91 Sovereign 4.0 [88 K]
'91 MX 5 (Miata) 1.6 [92 K]
Cambs, England

Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2002 20:55:52 -0600
From: “Larry Farlow” golfhappy@sanantoniogolf.com
Subject: [modern] Hydraulic Self Level Pump Removal

Friends: I have developed a leak in the Hydraulic self
levelling pump and am
losing the Castrol Hydraulic System Fluid from my 1990
XJ6. The self
levelling system was disconnected years ago and the pump
serves no purpose.
They make a triangular plate to cover the hole in the
front engine cover
after the pump is removed. But I have several questions.
According to my
Haynes manual, the pump can be removed without removal of
the fan, although
it looks like a tight fit for any wrench and I think that
I should move the
radiator hose out of the way. True? Then, after the pump
is off, one is
supposed to remove the hydraulic pump coupling disk from
the drive coupling
from the drive coupling, then unbolt the drive coupling
from the
intermediate shaft. If anyone has done this I would like
to know if one can
then bolt on the triangular cover plate made by Jaguar
without doing
anything else. Is there a anything protruding from the
shaft past the hole?
Assuming that the plate would fit flush to the engine
cover, what type of
seal should I use around the plate… to get a seal
between the engine cover
and the plate? In addition, there seems to be a notch in
the casting on the
engine cover at about the 6:35 position. What is to
prevent engine fluid
from leaking from the indentation and how would one go
about sealing that.
If anyone have gone through this procedure, I would
appreciate any tips or> advice. Thanks very much, Larry Farlow 1990 XJ6 195K.