[modern] Re: Jinxed


Sorry to hear about your misfortunes. What mileage on your
'90 Sov.?
When you say your head gasket"went", in which failure mode -
blown between cylinders / water jacket or at the oil feed
hole to the camshaft? Is this the first head gasket change
to your knowledge? [i.e. I’m wondering if it has the later modified head gasket fitted and if whoever did it fitted new head bolts]

Anything to do with running on LPG by any chance?

At 11 years old I guess that a complete valve overhaul would
be advisable both to check their condition (some people on
the list have had exhaust valve burn-outs), clean them up,
fit new valve seals to both inlet and exhaust stems and
check / adjust the valve clearances. At 57 K miles my valves
were heavily carboned (although the pistons and combustion
chambers weren’t)

It is recommended that, at that age too, it would perhaps be
a good idea to fit new coolant system hoses - at least the
ones that are only accessible with the inlet manifold off.
Perhaps a good idea too to have the mating faces of the two
exhaust manifolds skimmed flat - mine were quite badly bowed
and although not at that point leaking, they soon would

Good luck

Bryan N
'91 Sovereign 4.0 [86 K]
'91 MX 5 (Miata) 1.6 [91 K]
Cambs, England

Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 14:20:11 -0000
From: Lol Scragg Lol.Scragg@vissci.com
Subject: [modern] Jinxed

I swear I am jinxed. You talked about wishbone bushes and
then mine went.
You talked about batteries, and then mine went. You talked
about tyres, and
mine failed their MOT and to top it all off, this week you
talked about head
gaskets, and guess what? Yep, mine went this morning …
So now I need to
find someone to do it …

Im gutted - I have to drive wifeys diesel pug now

Sorry for spouting off, but if anyone can think of
anything else that may
well need looking at whilst the head is off (I will be
getting someone to do
it - its out of my meagre mechanical league), please let
me know.>

1990 LPG Gasket-less Sov