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I’m looking for any and all suggestions about a problem I wouldn’t
have expected…

Several weeks ago, my '94 XJ12 had started running very rough and eventually
coughed and sputtered its way to my mechanic. I had the distributor cap,
and ignition wires replaced. Apparently, it was shorting out. No problems,
like a dream for about a week and then the problem started again. Brought
back (since the work was warrantied) and yes indeed, the distributor cap was
failing. Expecting that it was just a bad part, we’re now on cap #3. Ran
for about a week, and guess what, problem’s back. So now it’s in the shop
I’m not sure what to do.

It appears that the original manufacturer of the distributor cap (something
‘Mareina?’, I forget exactly) no longer produces this part, so you have to
an alternate part. The spark gap needs to be tweaked and I guess a few
‘modifications’ to get the thing to work right.

This all sounds very odd to me and there has to be more straight-forward
than the trial-and-error approach I’m going through. Suggestions?


Mark, I wouldn’t use an after market cap on a 6.0 V12 as it can get real busy
inside this cap and if one of the thin cheap caps burned threw, it’s right by
the fuel rail and you can imagine what happens next. I bought a new Marrelli
cap last January so there should be some more around. They are expen$ive.
Sounds like one of your coils may be weak, probably a good idea to replace
them, they usually go south about the same time as the other things you

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