[modern] Re: Modern Digest V1 #2970

Regarding Warren Hansen’s answer to the nomenclature question, he stated "
no Series 1 XJ6 ever left the factory with wire wheels…", I offer the
following. In 1984, wlie at the International Jaguar Festival, I had the
fortune to be able to visit Sir Williams house in a small group. In order to
arrive exactly at the prescribed time, we met at the home of Bill Heynes
where we would convoy as a group . While there, I took a picture of Mr.
Heynes cars. They were a red 12cyl E-type, a blue XJS and a white Series 1
with wire wheels! I can’t tell whether it was a 6 or twelve from the
It was probably a one-off specially made for Mr. Heynes.

Today we honor Sir William Lyons on the 100th anniversary of his

Brian Hernan, 72 Series 1 XJ6, 94 Series 4 XJ 12, other Brits.