[modern] Re: oxygenated gas (was Valve job)

Good point, However, UNOCAL has the patent on the use of MTBE as an
oxygenate & therefore the rest of the industry does not want to pay
royalties on it - IE its not the water pollution …This is currently a BIG
issue with the oil refineries. Because there are less BTUs per pound in
oxygenates ( ethanol & MTBE ) than gasoline - mixing them with gasoline
screws with the stoichiometric ratio & therefore the fuel is expected to be
a lean mixture when used with fuel systems calibrated for the 14.1 air /
gasoline ratio - HENCE you have a lean burn situation & toasted valves…

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BiggySmalls said:

  • my machinest says he has seen alot of his burnt
    valve stuff
    with the reformulated oxygenated gas …

This is an old wives tale, and there are lots of other old wives tales
circulating about oxygenated gasoline (some of the others stories blame
oxygenated gasoline for engine fires and broken hoses).

Oxygenated gasoline has been used in urban areas of California for over
years to help reduce air pollution, but the substance currently used for
oxygenation (MTBE) is going to be phased out because it is causing water
pollution. This is unfortunate from one standpoint – MTBE has an octane
value of 110, so it was easy to formulate high-octane fuels. The gasoline
formulators are going to have to find something else to use for this
purpose, probably ethanol.

Patsy Lokensgard