[modern] Re: Possible timing problem after head gasket change


The first mistake I ever made on rebuilding an OHC car engine after a
head job was to get the crank 360 degrees out in relation to the
ignition timing.

Are you sure that #1 piston is nearing TDC on the firing stroke when
the distributor is firing #1 plug?

Just a thought.

Bryan N
'91 Sovereign 4.0 [83 K]
'91 MX 5 (Miata) 1.6 [90 K]
Cambs, England

Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2001 23:35:06 -0700
From: “Paul McConnon” paulmcconnon@yahoo.com
Subject: [modern] Possible timing problem after head gasket change

I changed my head gasket on my 88 xj40. It ran but roughly
The head was warped but I had it machined. I marked the crank on the
pan and the sprocket. I marked the cam sprockets, the cams, and the
block. I put it back together with all the marks in the same place,
used the haynes book as a guide. It will crank now, has spark and is
getting gas. It will not start. Any ideas on what to do now? I am no
major mechanic and will appreciate any info on how to get myself out
of> this.