[modern] RE: Uninsured Scumbags


I think my idea of enforcement would go a little further. If it were truly
enforced I would not need extra insurance to cover the uninsured, 99% of
drivers would be insured not the current 80%. Comming from a foreign country
to the US I was surprised that this situation exists and is tolerated. I
know some of this is cultural but other developed countries do not seem to
have this problem to anything like the same extent. (They have different
problems of course :sunglasses: .)

Would it not be possible to have insurance companies send a notification of
cancellation to the DVLC at the same time as they send it to the client?
Police could run tag numbers to find the offenders and then give them a
whopping great fine or jail time, confiscate the tags AND suspend their
license. Operating road blocks every few months until the number of insured
vehicles starts to equal the number registered would be unpopular but a big
deterent. What is the point of having laws if we are not serious about
enforcement? Driving a car is a privelidge not a right, freedom to drive
comes with the responsibility to follow the rules.

Donโ€™t forget this is not a victimless crime, every month when you send in
your insurance check you are a victim. The good guys like you and me are
paying to insure the bad guys!

Iโ€™ll get off my soap box now.