[modern] Re: Valve cover oil leak


Sorry to hear you have found a “gusher” under the bonnet!

You wrote :-

Some more liquid gasket over the 2 half-moons (what are they there for ?)

I would suggest, to allow line reaming of the camshaft bearings during manufacture.

I must get the head gasket done also …
Its been just a very minor leak for 30,000 miles so I cant

Have you tried one of those “cure leak” products that some of our trans
Atlantic friends appear to use with some success ? It may last the winter out
that way.

Unfortunately there’s no way to do it outside this weather so I
guess I’m going to be skint for a while !

If you need to borrow any kit when you eventually get around to doing it, let
me know - I’m only an hour along the M 6 / A 14 from Cov.

Bryan N
�91 4.0 Sovereign [68 K]
�91 1.6 MX 5 / Miata [85 K]
Cambs., England.