[modern] Rear clunks and wheel bearings

Hello all Jaguar lovers!
Since it was fathers day last Sunday, I got to play with Farquar
a bit.
I have had a clunk when shifting from reverse to drive that seemed
to be getting worse(likely just me paying attention to it).

I removed the rear hubs and checked/cleaned/ re greased the bearings,
and pit locktite on the splines between the axles and the hubs.
While I was at it, I did a good grease job on the axle U joints, and
the pivot bearings.
I found the right side outside wheel bearing looking not so good.
It was scored and the grease looked like it had been getting hot.
I put an old bearing and race in, that looked good, as I had them
handy, and the bearing on the car did not look very good.

Before I greased the new bearing, I checked the play…it seemed fine.

I also adjusted the emergency/parking brake shoes.

Besides the bearing, everything seemed great, the clunk is reduced,
although the differential still has some play in it.

I am off next week, and may change the hsmo out to atf after the
week off…
During the week, I may change the transmission output bearing and seal.
I bought new ones and have had them around for a while.
I have some play in the output shaft, but have been told that is normal.
Since it looks so easy to change the bits, I thought I would and
see if the play is reduced.
Its quite a small roller bearing…!

1990 XJ6