[modern] rebuilding the dreadnaught

so, the wife says: i want you to get rid of this car, but not really.

latest repair thrills: 45k service and oil change. fix leaking rear
pinion seal and flexible drive shaft part, find and fix A/C leak on the
'89 xj40. pinion seal is covered by aftermarket warranty. A/C has bad
leak at either receiver or dryer i forget which, and lesser leak at
compressor. warranty covers all the A/C stuff except they have a set
price for the compressor, which is less than the local price. they’ll
eat $650 of an $830 compressor.

total (my apologies to those who have the time, talent and tools T3 to
do their own work) $2100. Warranty picks up $1,300. so far my $2900
4year, 48K warranty has eaten about $3100 in repairs, and it has 3
years, 1 month to go! They will rue the day.

previous warranty work includes converting the rear S/L, power steering
rack and a hose, and the master cylinder.

what ho, on to the head gasket, hee hee.

eliot brenner
annandale, va.
(now i fully understand the love/hate relationship. is that ying and
yang, or perhaps click and clack.)