[modern] refinishing car paint

just a few words on car painting and prices.

refinishing car bodies as we are all aware can be either done with

a) A quick clean, degrease, scour, mask, and blow over with paint - the
elcheapo job


b)All trim removed, paintwork either completely removed or taken back to a
perfect surface, etch primed where exposed metal is showing, followed by a
seal coat to stop bleed through of dissimilar paints, then a primer filler,
which is rubbed back using long boards to rid any surface
inperfections,(about 40 man hours) then prepared and painted, clear coated,
the buffed polished and waxed.
This is the difference, how do I know, because I have done it both ways,
believe me if I am keeping a car, option b is the only way to go.

However you can get the elcheapo cost with the type b finish, how?

Work, do everything to the stage where paint needs to be layed on, get the
best professional you can find, he will give you the tips to get the prep
done let him do the painting and buffing. remember the materials alone for a
car the size of an xj40 will be close to $500.00

New Zealand