I have a question about remote alarm systems. This is in regrds to an
'88 XJ40 (build 2/88). The keyfob remote does not work consistantly. Have
had the car a year now and still don’t know when to expect it to work & just
use the door key most times. No info came with the car. The fob does not seem
to have a Jag emblem or any sign of ''O.E" -ness. The logo on it looks like a
styleized ‘‘t’’ or some such. I assume that the alarm system is not oe or is
dealer installed. The loudspeaker is a generic US type horn mounted on the
r.f. wing. When the battery is off and reconnected the fob does extinguish
the alarm but the initiation sequence eludes me. Only clue i have is a
glovebox sticker indicating that this car started out in NJ.
Am enjoying this forum & thanks to all for ‘‘moral support’’, especially
Brett G.

Sean 88 xj40