[modern] Rubber worms

Hi Guys,

removed the cylinder head tonight after about 9 hours of fun which I shall
report to the list in more detailed form later.

Cylinder head gasket blown between #4 and #5 cylinders as expected,
otherwise it looks o.k. at a first glance.

To my surprise there are 2 rubber worms about 4 inches long coming out of 2
of the oil passage ways that come out of the block on the inlet side of the
block that I haven’t removed yet. The entire head and engine has an oily
type film over the inside surfaces similar to the stuff you find in the
throttle body when you clean it. I assume this is a result of the positive
crankcase recirculation of gases. I shall investigate more tomorrow and see
where the worms go and how long they are.

Any ideas?

Sonoma CA
90 XJ6 Sov (Headless)