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Your comments sound very reassuring. I’ll let you know what’s found after
the head is removed tomorrow.

I wasn’t really on vacation, just a long weekend trip.



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Very sorry you had such problems on your vacation!

It sure sounds like the shop that did the work on your head did not
set the valve lash correctly, or, did not check for a warped head,
but I would guess you have two burnt or stuck exhaust valves…
one in each cylinder.

Since you don’t mention coolant leaks, or overheating, its the valves
and not the head gasket.

Is 90 mph pushing the 3.2 engine?
My 4.0 likes cruising at 90 or 100, 120 would be pushing it for long
periods, (top speed is about 140?).

I suspect the shop left the lash a little tight, and you pushing the
engine at 90 mph pushed the exhaust valves over the melt point.

I would ask for the shop to make it right…point out your relaxing
vacation was spent dealing with the results of their work…