[modern] thanks michael

mike…i truly enjoyed the jag event and meeting you and brett and all
the others who have kept me and my mechanic out of trouble. the trip
home to DC area was uneventful, except for a wreck before the Delaware
Bridge. I have never seen so many beautiful cars in one place at one
time. You deserve the jag gold medal for organizing the event.

I was about 6 back in the jag tour (or as some might call it a “leap”) i
had the sunroof back, windows down and my favorite bluegrass cranked for
that beautiful drive. That was a beautiful area you took us through.

the drive back in the dreadnaught was uneventful, except for the burning
wreck at the end of the turnpike. still, i averaged about 70 over about
240 miles. 100 on the NJTPK aint shabby.

Again, my thanks to you and all who helped, and my greetings to all
listers. I dined out on the 120s and 140 there, plus the MK9 and MKX
and all the Es.

Eliot Brenner
Annandale, Va
89 8J40 at 60900, now parked for about 2-3 weeks with an 89 volvo 240 dl
as a daily driver