Modern tires/tyres for Mk 2 1962 3.4

Can modern tubeless tires be fitted to steel rims for the Mk 2?
Also what is the recommended width and profile to avoid scraping?
What speed rating code do I need?
I am aware of Michelin 180 HR15 XAS but the prices at £200 each seems very expensive!
Can anyone recommend a modern better value tire, ie make and tire size which is the same outside diameter so speedo reads correctly?
I am from uk!

I would say yes , you could add a tube if you wanted to !
185 x 70 R is the standard size
You need H speed rating
As for price , we get ripped off by the main classic tyres dealers , £200-£250 a tyre is as bad as a wage of a football player !
There are lots of tyres on e-bay , yes made in China , but you get 4 for under £200 !
Well worth thinking about .
My dad tells me he had a new set of well known tyres fitted to his jag , after it was a few years old , and had a blow out !
In all my driving days I have never had a blow out , just flat tyres , from nails , or a bad seal on the rim !

Hankook were a good choice but in New Zealand at least I can’t find that size any more. My current tire appears to be called “light truck tire” but wouldn’t recommend it!

What about going up slightly a bit lower profile but the increase in width will offset that slightly;


195/60 R15 is way to low!
I run 205/70 R15 ryres on my S-type (Same Tyres as MK2 ), comes closer, and fits well.

Peter Jan

I have the same size tyres on my Mk2 and E Type (1962). The Mk2 has steel rims and came with Vredstein 185/HR/15 Sprint Classics which are a very expensive tyre (at least here). Unfortunately for me they were about 10 years old and needed changing due age. The rolling radius offered by a 185/80 proifle tyre is about right. I have 185/80/15 Hankook tyres on my E Type (per PO) and 185/80/15 Federal tyres on my Mk2 after the changer. The Mk2 needs all the help it can get turning as it is unassisted. The Federals are great and lightened up the steering tremendously over the old tyres. They are not expensive at about AUD$120.00 each. They require no tubes. In Australia the speed rating bit is not enforced - national limit is generally 120km/h. Speedo reads correctly in both cars per two different GPS units.Look them up - either the Federals or the Hankooks!

I ran 205’s on my ‘S’ but felt that they were rolling due to being too wide.

Hi Ian
Thanks for that. I use Nankeng on my track car so thats what I’ll go for.



That sounds interesting.
Not listed in your profile.
Details ?

Let me know what they are like Gus , I am ok at the moment just got some P5’s ,

Hello All,
I ended up buying five 185/80 R15 93 T Ovation tyres from Pneusonline for £203 delivered incl taxes.
I baulked at paying nearly that for one Michelin XAS.
Made in China but at that price a no brainier!

Here is a link

I have 15" wire wheels - use Vredestein Sprint Classic 185/80R15 91 H with tubes very happily, but crikey - £50 a pop for the Ovation? Best deal on Vredesteins is £150 a go. I am ill informed on many things including tyres.

I was looking at the same kind of tyre , made in China , but come across some P5s , now a even better set of P4000.

Not new but with 7mm of tread all over good as .

The classic tyres people will go out of business , and no one will be surprised or sad on the day !!

Think you should have gone for a H rated tyre not the T at 118 mph , Insurance companies try and get out of paying claims any way they can , god forbid you never find out !!

I wonder if they ship to the USA or if there is a US based distributor for these Ovation tyres.

Did no one catch the unique name of that tire distributor mentioned in the link above? Pneus; sounds like an appropriate producer of rubber products!