[modern] Trans Update (long)

Hello All
Last night we had a night
out in Santa Barbara, and decided to take the San Marcos way back home
climbing over the mountains a steady 55 mph, this really put the pressure on
the transmission, i was determined to diagnose this dam vibration, or shudder
under a load, and there it was in overdrive, all the way, hard to say, it did
feel like a vibration, on the level road i was playing with the gear shift
from third to overdrive, it went like this,… for a second vibration …
then thump into overdrive, almost blew the back of the trans out… lol … I
did have the drive line off early in the week, and it was fine, along with
the trans mount. It has to be the clutch pack for the overdrive. The dam
drive line is giving me some headaches after removing it i now have the
slight vibration at 50 mph. I know its balanced at the factory but disturbing
it can cause some problems. I am getting a used low mileage trans from 89 in
about two weeks, $475 including shipping from the Gulf Coast, thank goodness
i have a garage to work on this car …Glenn 89 VDP (anyone want this